Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

zoG CHAP. Ix. more certayne and juf:t condemnation ; that feeing is to fepatate from them, & a<Fet.4,4. k thinking it ftrange that we runne not w ith them unto the fame evils; hearing AF.z,37 our reproofes andwitnes aa+tnfl them; 49,41- arc eyther 1 draw en to confider their waies, and turne their fceteunto Gods m Ail. = ,9 reilimonies, or els m blafpherning,perfifl dad =;, 46, & are hardned in thvir evill course unto 9 °' S r judgement. Fourthly, it is for the ovcr- n A :6,i8 throw of n Satans throne& kingdome, fev 2,'s which the words &works of theSainds Vt. or.6,r5, doe beate downe dayly, difcovering his errors and abominations,ke:pn them- fclues , and drawing others from his de- © r Con r o, ceipts and ¡hares : whereas by ° column- 20) 2 1 nicating in thofe evils , they fhouldboth honour and advance that enemy; and fhrengthcn the wickeds hands, that they Mouldnot turne from their impietie. I U. But though we may baue no communion with the wicked in their religion , nor any other evill a&ion, a- p r Cm ro, gainflr either tableof Gods Law : yet in 2- civill affayres we are taught ofGod to 9 Gen. 2j,3, converfe with them in peace. As to p eat -I6' ánd drinke with them, q buy and fell, nuke