Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

Ios CHAPTER X. Hots theSainEs arecalled out ofthereélu, and taught tofirfake their ovine lbaies & works , that they may halm communion Thith God in Chrit. Fo RA S M uC H as all men beare in h t es r bofomes naturali corruptions, a p!4/.s r,5 bredwith them a in the wombe, and brought up with them from the cradle Esher, z,;, whereby they ftre all alike b children of wrath : our feparation from other wic- ked, will litic availe us, unleflè weI x alfo feparared fromour flues, and learn to renounce the lulls and affec`lions, yea . eue the fayr- feerning works cti wifedom of the fle'h. For what are we the better for avoiding outward pollution by o- c9, 31. thers, ifa fretting lep rofy cicaue to our flefh and bones, and our c own clothes domake us filthy ? 2. To draw us therefore quite outof the rniery pit of corruptions, the Lord hathcalled us from the loue and liking ofour felues alfo;asbeing naturally both his enem1es & our own; teaching us that, glICcr. z, 4 our wits are d uncapable ofhis heauenly inv[teries