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CHAP. X. 1O2 8nyfteries, our reafon e cnmitie againit him and his Law; our thoughts andpur- poles f evill, our of edions g brutifi,uur wifedome L foolilnnes , all our glorious grace x as the flour of gralè: and that therefore we mull be turned and be- come k as idlechildren ; euen 1 borne a- gain, or els we cannot fee the kingdoms ofGod. 3 . Inmatters ofreligion,we mull not do what rn f cineth good in our own eyes, nor n choofe our owne wayes,nor oforge things out of our own hearts,nor P make to our fBlues any ftmilitude of things in heaucn or carth,nor walke q in our own counfcls: for what is man that he flould invent fcrviccs of God,or doe any thingwhich the Lora rrequircthnot at his hands. The thingsof God f' know- eth no man but the fpirit ofGodiefhim therefore we mull Larne his feare, what he comMandeth,that oncly mull we do, t we may not put to ir, nor take ought from it. For when Ifrael fet their (mile thresholds and polls by theLords, they defiled his holy name with their abo- minations. 4. The e Rom. 3,7. f GeíF. 8.zr. g Ier.1e,14. p(al. 7;, Z z. Ú ICOT.z,I, zo. i 1 Pet. i,24 kFlat.18,3. 1 Iohn3,3. mDnns. r 2,8 n Era.66,;. o 'Ku/ .izo p Exad._o,4 g%'l.Bz,I,t. r I14.1, ts.. jet'. 7, 31. i ICor.z,ii,j2 y Ee.z,e.43,S.