Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

4! fn;t I I o C H A P. X. tlTìm ;,r6 4. The x myfteries of his faith, we . ytobn 6,; 2, may not meafiire by Y carnall reafon, or 6o,6;. our owne íhallow understanding; but learne with reverence to beleeue all his words; kno'ing that the thingswhich .L icor.2,9. eye hath not feene , neyther ear heard, neyther came into mans hart, are which Godbath prepared for them that lout aMat.16,x7 him: and neyther a flefhnor blond, but 'obn 6'4$. him íclfe Both manifefi them unto us; & as his words are fp.irit and life, fo is it b Icor.2,io. b his f irit that fearcheth all , euen the job. 6, 6; , eyfi P 33,5- decpe things ofGod, revealeththeinun- to us, andquicknethus. .y.`The promises whichare made us,we tnufl: embrace, not by fight but by faith, clieb.II, T. which is c the evidence of things not feen. And feem they never fo unlikely or Rom.4,2o unpoilible, yet ought we not to d doubt ,IS of them, or reafon againft them through unbeleef; but cue') aboue hope to beleue under hope: being fully affured that he which hath promifed is able to doe it. For as Sara received ftrength to bring forth a childe when the was pall age, e He$.Iz,ii e becaufe fhe judged him faithfull which had promifcd: to contrarywife,the chil- dren