Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

1 CHAP. X. cour and falvation ; neyther difpayring for our evil' deeds , nor boaflingof our good , but by fayth taking hold upon g FJx73, 2, 5 Chrifl,and faying, g WhemDrue 1 its hea- a' vertu but thee ? er I d,iue none in the earth 1AVith thee : my fern f aiieth, andmy hearte, but God is the rack,p fmy heart andmypor- tionfor ever. Then bidding farewell to the world, &meekly taking our crolfe uponus, as men h hating our owne life S here, to i follow the Lamb, whitherfoe- ver he goeth,and {hall bringus to mouu- taines or deferts, to hunger or thiríl, to coldor nakednes,to troubleof body or grief ofmind to feares or terrours , or euen to the dull ofdeath: knowing that in all he will fitfleyne us, and in the end, wipe all teares from our eyes after we krra.66,rz haue gone into fire and into water, khe will bring us out into awelthie place; in our weaknes he will ftrengthen us, in our wants he will relieue us , in all our cares, doubts, dangers, and diflrellés,he 1Pf4.73, 24 will 'guide us by his counfell , and after receiue us to glorie. z z. But thefe things are fo hard unto flefhand blood , that the naturali man choofetli