Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. X. 1I9 choofeth rather to remnine fljll in his woefull fate, and injoy the momentary pleafures of fînne , then in filch frreighis anddifficulties to follow Chia For it is a heavy thing to renounce ,atxci forfake his owne affetions , to condeinne his owne wifdotne for foolifhnes , to refr wholly uponGods word and prom-Wes, whennothing is feene but preofcnt want and calamitie; to abandon pleafures , to tame and fubdue his wanton lufrs , to beare cheerfully the reproaches andper- fecutions of the world, and whatfoever els God fhctll bring upon him ; often- times to the lofie of friends , wife , chil- dren, goods, lands & life it Pelf. There- fore this frate is indeede m a Denial' of mLuk.9,2; our felues, & cat ying ofour croffe day- ly:anMortification of our earthly mem- n Cot. ;,s. bers, cuen a dal dying& breathing ";°1.1 5.3 r y y pPja.E6>z§ out of the ghofr. As the iacr.ices giuen unto God were g killed, falted, andkm 9 L I up in lyre ; íb wee that mnfl giueup our 4c. a :ße%.4 ovine r bodies for a living facrifce, rRow.Ia,r. allo be fatted with fire , as Chrifi hath fayd. And as himfelfe ful ifillin the_f. fríar.9, 4 gure of the ínne offrings whichWere H 4 burnt