Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. X. it s becaufe the fpirit of the Lord hath blown upon it : when the firong hold of our imaginations is can downe, and everic c thought brought into cáptivitie C2CQT. Z015 to the obedience of Chrift ; when we haue difcerned our fumes,felt the finarte of them in our confciences , d pined JLev.26,;9 away for our iniquities and Ez judged ee. ao, 4; our felues worthie to be cutteofffor all our evils ; when we haue renounced all confidence inour felues,rejeaed all our righteoufnefles t as filthy cloutes , & be- fIj4.64, 6.' inghumbled under themightie hand of God , do with Iob g abhorre our fclues, g lob , 60 and repent in dull & a(hes : then will he looke upon us, and turne our captivitie, and bringus into his promifcd refs, intó whichwe h entring by fayth, (Ball there keepe the true Sabbath ofGod , i ceafe from ()Ur owneworks, as he did from his, and wholly giue our felues to work the works of God,which isk to beleeue in him whom he hath font, euen Iefus Chriil our 1 w ifedome, ju{hice,fan&ifica tion,& redemption, who callethus with a holy calling from the fellow[hip of Sataíi, finne, this world , and our own: H 5 coi:tu- b Hebr.4,3. &c. 1 `UCPire IO k iob.6,28p 29. 1 aCM i,300