Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

lo CHAP. X. Ë e /.13,11 burnt without the camp) t that he might zz, z3. fan&ifie us with his owne blood,fuffred without the gateofIerufilem , fo muí we likewife goe out of the campe, bear- inghis reproch; whichwe never do wil- y Sala, 3. tingly, till he drawe us. For this our Jo h6,4 . new birth, is not X of blood , nor of the will of the flefh, nor of the will of man, but ofGod; who regenerateth, calleth, & fan&ifieth his Ifrael , increafing them withmen like a flock ; y and as the flock y E,e,36,37 ofholineffes , as the flock ofIcrufalem s. in their foleinne feaf}s,fo filleth he defo- late cities with flocks ofmen,which be- ing by the minifterie of the Gofpell z of- fred up for facrifices , areacceptable be- ing fandified by the Holy ghof'r. I 3. When thus we be changed by the power ofGods grace , and haue got the vic`toric ofour fèlues, fubduing and ru- lingover our owne fpirits, which as Sa- lomon fayth a is better then if we wanne a city ; when we haue hearkncd to the crycof the hVoyce,that all flehh is gralle, & all thegrace thereof as the flower of the field , and when we haue found our graiTc to bewithered and flower faded, be- Z Rene. 15, 16. 0. 66, 20. tYo. a5,;: b I;a 40, 6,