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132. C HA P. X I. courage of David,uponGods affiance; t Koftit. T 5,4and generally , t whatfocver things are written.aforetirne, as being written for our learning, comfort , and encreafe of fayth. So alfo we learnt.: ofthe Prophets which fpake of things done long-be- fore , as if theyhad beene feeneand felt . by themfelues. Hofeas faythof Iaakob, j.24, vGod found hire_ in. Bethel , and there he fpake with u-s ; the Pfalmift fingethof Gods bringin4 Ifrael through the. Sea & lardan ; He turned fea into drie land, xpfaÈ. 66,6. x theypaffed through the river on foote., there didwe rejoyce in him. According to whole examples,we that now liue and beleeue , becaufe we haue received the yzeor.4,i3 Yfame fpirit of faythwith thePatiiarchs, & haue obteyned ai like- precious faith z zpet:I,I. - with the Apoflles ; may alto fay with ason.2,16. them,a my welbeloved is n ine,and I ain his ; I b.knaw that my redeemer liveth ; blob 19, 25 and c I liue by faith in hirn,who bath lo- C Gt11.2.,'-° ved me,andgluen himfelfe for me. 1 r . The moll excellent fruit that we rcapc ofFayth, is our Iuftification in thç fight ofGod,bv his grace in Chrifllefus. For whereas two waits ofLife and Iu- flies r {