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CHAP. XI. r33 mice arc Cet before us in the fcriptures, the` one by keeping the Law of the- Lord, euen all his precopts, ofwhich it is fayd , d 7-he man that doeth them, , fhall d Rom. ro,5. diue by //thean ,, aaidagáinc ,;e `This fhall be e Deu. 8, 2S, oar irulLite bere the Lord our God , ifwe mks Ileac to 1<.?' epe all his comsnaudements, a~ he bath commanded zu : the other by fayth aria ; as it is written, f Cyodfi f lob. 3 a6m loved the World ; thett. hehath his ottely begottem, frrne, that, who f ever belee- Meth in hi-,.fbould not periA, but bane ever= iafFijg lift: the firti ofthc:fe waies is, :1s nogRefhcan be iuflihed by.For though g GaI.2,x6. the Law,r, confílreth of Living orels, h A 7,ss. c:verie commandement i is holy and juí} , Royi.7, r F and good 9 yet 'by reafon of , that .dwelleth in us , k the fame commande- kverfe ru. ment wh1Gh was ordeyne.d unto lifk , is fouride to be unto us to deatlz. For.i (inn verre'zx, taketh occafion by the commandement, and decciveth us,, andthercby kille.h us; as when the Law fäyth,77,75ufh.qlt not la f, n',rni.e wcrketh in us all tzlaner cfluf ; m verre S. fo the Law is the l_feand flrenbth of(in, that are cárnall, and fold under fin; anti(ìilne n is made out of meat-me n verre X3. I 3 by