Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

2pr t4S,Y9 a P14.34,9- bPf4.z5,13, 14. ctob28,z8. d Pr01.22,4 c f Etcl. 7, 20, 18,19. Z ECG 12,13 h Pro. zg,2 3 .3fit 33, 6. 1Rom. z3,r6 fox CHAP. XL fn.lfilli the desire of them, and nothing a mall be wantingunto them , as he hat promifed by his propher ; b their foules fhall dwell ingood , their f:.ede flail in- herit the land,N the ferret of the Lord, and his covenant shall be revealedunto them. Wherefore untoman he fayth c Behold the Feareof the Lord is wifèdorne, and to departfrom ewill is under.s`landing d the reward of humility and the flare of god, is riche and glory au4 Life. Vnto this therefore let us take heede , for in it e is an affured ftrength ; by it we (hall f come out ofall extremities that are ey. thcr too much or too litic;and to g feare- God and keepe his commandements is the whole man ; this leadeth hi4n hunt° Life, and being filled therewith , he (hall continew and not be vifited wish evils: that he may know , that i theflareofthe Lord is his treafrare , as fayth the Pro- phet, 16. But becaufe the ende of the Commandement, is k Loue,out ofa pure hart, andofa good confcience and of faith unfeig. ned, and Loue is the 1 fill- filling of theLaw: therefore bath God compd.