Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. XL goy Lord , before whole judgement feat we .mull all appcaìe, to teceiue according to our works, and intowhole hands it is t a f Rcb. 10,31 fearefull thing ro fall : may therefore paile the m time of our pilgrimage in mrpct.!a17 feare,clenfingour felues from all hlthy- nes both of flefh& ipirit, n growing up zCor.711 unto full holynes in the feare of God,& making an end ofour falvationo in feare pS,iI.z, rz. and trembling; our flefb trembling (as did Davids) p for feareof the Lord and P piat i9i we being afraydofhisjudgements. His 12' mercies alto are fhewed us to this end , as it is ten , sMercy is With thee that q pfa.13o, thou map be flared. This grace God giveth to his Saínas, to humble them- that they be =.not high minded , but may rRorn. i i,ze walk in reverence before him, and their harts be fin his feare continually , that {'pro.2 ;,17. tit may goe well with them and with their children for ever ; for he that c Dent' iJ2 v fearcth the coniniandement lull be re- v pro.13,13* warded. By this grace haue his people communion with hire , and feele his goodnes,for x the eye of the Lord is up- x pf .33,I s, un them that feare him:, and trust in his n, cv? ` he delights hin them , he will 3PfI47,II fulfill 7