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CHAP. XI. 147 thu *s is fulfilled that which Isaias iàyth, b he that belcOeith shall not nut e hag, and b tfa.28,z4. confequently, Pall not c be ofhamedi but Pfz. z,6. being anted that dhe which shall corne d Heb,zo,;7" will come, and will not delay, e thoughe he tary yet we ways, as the prophet bid- deth us, becaufe the Father which bath loved us, bath fgiuen us everlaiiingcon- fzTTte.z, I6 folation and good hope through grace ; and hope g makethnot aíhained ; yea we Rom.S,ç h rejoce in hope, as being the thing hRom 2,Is whereby weare faved , and he which is ' Rom. 9124 the kGod of hope fnlleth us with all joy kRom.i1,i, andpeace in beleeving,and caufetb us to abound in hope, through the power of the holy Ghoíl. .i. One of the fpeciall prornifes which the anker of Hope layeth hold upon,& that by reafon of the Covenant ofGod with us, is the Refurreelion ofthe Dead. Foras God calling lumfelfe the 1 God of Abraham hfaak and Iaakob, Exod4,6° when they were dead unto the world, but living untie him , did teachhis peo- ple thereby, that hewould rayfe them up againe from death, as our Saviour m Luke 20, m txnoundcth his Fathers oracle: euen 37, ;s K z fo