Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628,io ((Tuft i6. 148 CHAP. ;XI. f;oo we all that are in the farne covenant ofgrace, and hatïe him for our God, do beleeue that after our fEefh bath beene fowne in diñonour,& feéne corruption, it n rhall be rayf d in glory by the p®wer ofGod ; for in our graues, o we (hall heare the voyce of Chriíl at 1-1s appea ring, and (tall corne forth unto the re- fu reecion of Life. And then ftall we injoy all the good pro mifis iti that C it:e P which bath foundations , whofe buyl- der and maker is God , who is not alba- mc:d of us tobe called off. god, becaufe 1 he bathprepared for u a titi:. zz. Thus haue we through thegrace of Our God , thofe three hcauenly ver- tues mentioned by r the Apoule ; 1, a efecattailfiytl>, 2, adiligent loue, 3,and the patience ofHope in our Lard Iefus Chrifl; by Fayth to belecue the inyfleries of life & all his word; b y* Loue to clean e unto him , and keepe his commande- merits; by Hope to cxfped the fulfilling Ofall good pr,oinif'es , which God that cannot lye bath made unto us ; and thefe three th;ng doe f abide with us during this prefent lite, chat walling in them, we Atha