Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. XL 16! finne. And the Lord Y giveth ítrength unto his people , the Lordblefleth his peoplewithpeace; he is as z thedew un- to them, they growe as Iilies , and falten their motes , as the trees of Lebanon, dwelling under his ihadowe , a they re- vine as the core, Sc flouri{h as thevine, andHill b bringforth fruit, euen in their hoarie age , and God is their guide euen unto the death. Yet then forfaketh hee themnot ; but as when they lived , they livedunto him , fo nowwhen they dye, they c dye untohim , and are his ; peace commeth, and d they reít in their beds, everie one that walkethbefore him till their changing fhall come, and they be tranflatedfrom death. to life, to fee the King in his glorie,euenGod as he is,and to be fatisfied with his image. 3 1. For notwithftanding all this grace andcommunion that we haue withGod by fayth ; we; arc not perfe6 , neyther fhall be ,, till we haue attayned e the re- furredion of the dead here f we fee through a glaílè darkely, andnot face to face, we know inpart onely, and doe grow ingraceandknowledge dayly; we L behold Ypfal.s9,1= z1101.14)6 avef S. bpfá.92,14 cRom. i4, 8, d Ifs. 57,2. epbil.3,12 , f t Cor, r3, t2.