Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

I" CHAP. XI. behold thé glorie of theLord withopef col . ;,Iß face, but g as in a mirrour, and are chan- ged into the fame image from glory to glorie, as by the ipirit of the Lord. We b ICOY.3,1, haue firf$ our infancie, andare h as babes I Up. 2,14 inChrrft ; after we are as i young men strong in fayth , and doe overcome the worked one; and proceed in riperyeres, wexingold in favth , and knowledge of him Which is from the beginning : thus our way fhineth as the morning light, k that íbineth more and more unto the kProv.4,18 perfect day, and we walke on earth, as I Gen. 1 a,9. did Abram in Canaan, I going and jour- neying towards the South. z. But of all the wales and mcanes, whereby we hauecommunion withGod, there is none more liuely , powdull and comfortable then Prayer ; whereby we converfe with the Lord mo{t neerly, poure out our complaints aschildren in- to the bofomeof their father, and praife 1-1s name;are heard and anfwered ofhim to the glorie ofhis grace, the joy ofour hearts, & the increafe ofour fayth;with all verrues and fruits of theSpirit. 33. The grounde of this heauenly exec-