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170 C HAP. XII. him by theFather. For from the im'noti holy place, and from the bufom of the p tab. I, r s. Father, is he conic to P declare God ä1t0 9Den.18,15 US ; he is a Prophet rayfed up of he Lord, ro fpeake unto us all thac he com- manded him, and. h m are we w. lied for r 0.4 -,4. to haare; the yles: r are to wayt 'for his Law. And as he being worthy - obtcv- fRco.5,I,5 y cd to open the booke tint is in the right hand of him that luteth on the throne, and to loofe the fucn fealcs t Co1.2,3 . thereof ; becaufe t all the trcafrtres of wifedomc LL knowledge arebid in him: lob. zs,IS fo having vn-lade knowen to USall things that he heard ofhis Father, h.4ving der x l ób 77, z5 dared and mill declaring x bisName by yirCor.i;z4 his word and fpirir, he is they Power of God and the w:íedome ofGod unto us. And the things which he bath declared T .are tuwo; i the Law to i1,ew us our (ìune, the evils due for the fame: z the Gof ,11 to íhcw us our righteou(iles by grace fro-im God, with the blctiings that flow therefi:om. He alto being our /great high rie l or facrificer bath taken away our (trines and all the evils accompany - a CiaG.3,i3. ;, ii g them, bath redeemed us a from the curie