Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

C HAP. XII. 173 deathunto life. So he y hid not his Fa- thers righteoulïies within his heart, but declared his trueth and his falvation ;,he concealed not his mercy and his trueth from the great congregatió, but preach- ed peaceand comfort to his people. For God had given him X a tongue of the learned , that he might know to min. £ler a word in time to him that is weary : grace y was powred in his lips , and they were like x tidies dropping downepure myrrh, and his mouthwas fweet things. S. As in his owne perfon fo did he by others publifh the will ofhis Father , using hereto the minifterie bothofmen and Angels. He gaue and frill giveth the a`gifts ofminifterie unto many then; a- boueall other he furnithed his Apottles with b power from on high,&tent them to teach al nations c to obtèrueall things whatfoever he had cotnrnaunded them, (andhe had d made knowne to them all things , that he hadheard ofhis Father: ) and they faythfully performed their charge , keeping e nothing. back , but chewing men all the counfcll of God, for Chrifl f fpake in them : fo that now we v1'1'41.40,14 x 114. 50;4. ypfal.çs,z. z Soríg.5, 13 z6. a Eph. 4,8> x1, b Luke z4, 49 c h1at. î, 20. d john ,r e Ad. zo,z7 £ zCor. r3,1