Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

g. 4. Jahn I 5,37 . c1 hohn 8, 20i p Mat.5, N G, & 7 cha. &c. 9 Marie 7,6, r. Pc4q.9,2. (Old iI,4, fLuk. 4, x , c. 1 CAAP. XII. 4. More particularly, touching his - rophefie and our communion with hill! therein; as God- gane him n for a witnes to thepeople, for a Prince and a Coin- mander unto them; fo fhewed he him_. felfe to be a faithful! and true witnelfe, in that he ° íppake to the world-, the things whichhe had heard ofthe Father. This he did in his owne. perfon whiles he walked_with men; teaching p the-true meaning and ende of all his Fathers Law, and urging the lincere keeping:of it in loue ; freeing it alto ç from the falfe gloles alzd leaven of the Pharifes , and cutting down there traditions; for the Lord to this end, bath made r his mouth l ike a (harp fword;that by the breath of his lips he might flay the wicked. He al- to taught the glad-tidings of the gofpell unto thepoore, thereby (healing the bro- ken hatted, preaching deliverance to the captiues, recovering of fight to the blind , and the acceptable yere of the Lord; that whofoever (hould t heare his word and bele.eue in him that Pent him ; should haue everla ling life, &not corne into condemnation,but waspaffed from -death