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WMktiWits$MWW skiiGwhAa.esY'da.k,4 THF: COMMVN ION OF SAINCTS. CHAPTER 1. Of the Communion andpeace that Its at the firf ; and hove !done it Wear broken O,RASMUCH as we ñnde in the Scriptures fo great a difference vade , betweene the loñtic's ofAdam , that a s ;oh.;, t.. fore are named the bhof Th r, f to. e children of God , of Dr .5, Ç. tithe Light and Day, the c Sainds of the dP;4Li35,4. Mof- hiÿh,thedLords chief treafute,the e IPet.;,Io. cheyres ofbleiTng otherfom, the fchil- £Gen. 6, z. dren of men, of his world,of the hDi- h Iob s 44. vel,& i ofcurfe;& the oneof thefe forts ioh. g, Io cómanded to k feparate from the other, i i pet. z, r 4 n and continue a holy kA ¢ but to enterra Y Y 1 AFt.,. 1 Communionamong themfelues, endea- htb x),2425 A souring A. yti.