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z C, H AP. I. Ephcf.4,3, vouring to keepe the munitie of the Spi- rit in the bondofpeace : it is good and needfull that we knowe, both whu are the periòns, and what be the caufes and conditions of this communion; how far the bounds and limits ofit doe excende. For the better perceivinghereof; let us take a fummarìe viewe , of the fiat hate ofus all. A.17,26 z. God which hash made of n one blood all mankinde, to dwell on all the face of the earth; made in the begin- ®Gen. z,3= ping o all things good : but chiefly im- printed the image of his Majehie, on an- gels andon men, and communicated his graces with them. The Angels he crea- ted Pholy Spirits, n'ex,:elling in hrength, gn1Á.o3,zo xvan, io, f,6 and in r glorie ;, and in all a`oilitie & rea- dines to doe his will;& fet them to ferne fmar. z z,z5 himfelfe in fheauen, there to behold the bike 2,15. joyfull light of his face; where the t ma- r Dan. , to. ny thoufands of thé miniher unto him, and are as Y charets whereon his Majefty v Pfa68,z7 rideth. Vnto them he vouchfafed his I8'1O lone and honour, that they fhould be x Iob z.6. named the xSonnes of God; yea his own glorious title he imparteth unto them, when