Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. II. z of, no trueth is in him. And though one Divil be principall , yet hath he many partners called t hayefinoels; all ofthem Mat Ìó, i. malicious & v uncleane ipirtts like him- ' felfe,going about with him rhatxroaring x / Pet 5, S. lyon,to rende & to devour. Thefe rfpi- Y Eph.6,iz. rituall wickedneffes are authors, inffru- ments and abettours ofall manner z un- z Mat.4,3,9 godlines, unrig hteoufnes, zbom.natíon john Z4 2s. uncleannes ; they feeke by all rneanes Ad. 5, 3. to overthrows Gods kingdome, and to Rev./6,/4. fiablifh their owner therefore like rave- nous birds a they devour up the fecde of a Luke e 5. the word , leaf} men fhould belieue it & 12' be Paved: and like b enuious men, fowe M ih.r3 tares among the where , and `oe their 25, z8, 39. way ; they corrupt mens minds with er- rors and herehes, the dotrines cofDi- c Y Tim.4,I vils. Great knowledge they haue to doe evill, and are thereforecalled d dcrnones, d ôal,tctias that is cunning or fkilfull ; great abilitie make 5,12. alío to effea it,andare therefore named e Col. z, ,5 cprincipalities andpowers ; their captaine f zehm 14,;o being called f the prince of thu world, for QE. his effeauall g working in the children p 1 ofdifobedience; and is compared h to a bLuk.zT,za (Irong manarmed , keeping his pallace ; yet