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Iob 1 6 I o CHAP. I I. 2 ' and his creatures. And for this caufe is revel. t®, z. b Pet.S,S. named inHebrew aSatan,that is,aFiend, c zach.3,r. an b adverfarie, enemie or refifler,c hin- rhea: z,18' dering all good , d beginning Sc helping d íat.a3s8, d 39. forward all evill. He is called allo with e.O+Ytta den. his fellawcs e Shedim, that is wafters; for 32, 17. the fcath Sti hurte which they doe,fprey- f Luke 5,2/ iris upó the creatures - fpoyling them : o 3 '.c'pv and g Se hnirim,that is rough, rugged or levit.17,7. hayrie , for the horror of their hiew, h Efa 13,Zí wherein they appeared likeh Satyrs , or h34,14 other ugly creatures; S; wherewith they terrified Bich as law them. In Greek he i Mat. 4,1 is named i Diabolos (.Divel) that is , a ca- 9 lumniator,becaufehe rnalicioufly kaccu- 0.10}i,9Y ax. &2,4,5 fah, detrafteth and depraveth, the per- t Gen..3, 3, fons,words,a6tions , not ofmen onely, 4' g' but euenof ! God himfelfe. He is called m o 7rvoeoç. Ijohn z, 13. allb the in wicked or malignant, one, for molefling,and with his n fierie darts en- nLph.6,16. ruine and miferie : the o Matth.4,3 ()Tempter,for affayin4 to drawe men un- to fin: a P Serpent and a Dragon_,,for his p Rev.I2,9 fubtiity and fiercenes,and venemous na- q NET 1, 24 tune : a,n q-uncleane fpirit, for his frlthi- a3 Kings zz nes : a r lying fpirit, for his falibood and f lobs, 44, deceit, being a Liar thefather f there- of,