Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

C H ,A P. I I. 13 force loofnes and libertie , not onely to range abroade in the world, but euen to P appeare before God inheauen , when P Ioh 1,62,7, he pleafeth fo to fuller them : yet haue Iking.z2,x they no Jaye inhis prefence,but ghorror 21,22,2;. & trembling ; neyther is there any corn- gTarn.2,zp, fortable r communion betweene his ma- r.2,2:168:145; jeflie and them , nor peace betweene the holy fpirits and them ; but Michael and his Angels f warreth againft them , t flri- f Rev.IZ,; veth with them, and v rebuketh them in Iude V. 9. the name of the Lord, for his chofens vz,acb.3,r,z fake. Enmitie Lath x he alto put , and Gcn.3s15.: ware betweene the faints on earth and ephef. 6,12. them ; the fainds whom he hath redee- 'c. med from their damnation , by the Y blood ofhis beloved fonne; by whole Y blood they z overcome ; and under their zRcro.z2,tr fcete , the God of peace a will treacle aRor.16,20 downe Satan íhortly. In dreade thofe damned fpirits are of the b bottomleffè- b deepe,which they defired Chrit,thathe lake 8,31 would not commande them into;&fear- fullly they exfped fr6 hishand torment, the effect of that c curie which is come C 6í4'3'44' upon them to the urmofi, and flail be executed in unípeakeabl e manner and meafurc