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14 CHAP. II. meafure in that day , when (having ful- filled the meafure of their finne) they ero.20, pro flail be d cafl into the lake ofeverlafling gnat. z5, 41. Eyre and brimílone, prepared for them fo without end or relaxation oftheir miferie,be feparated from the Lord and all his Sainas, fromhis life, light, and bleffed communion, for ever and yet. 4. Men that had ben made in the fi- militude of God, holy lull happy & im- mortall, without any want or impede- , ¿ion in foule or body ; not continew- ing in this honour , but making fhip- wrack of faith by beleeving the word ofSatan; &of good conícienec , by o- beying hiscounfell, & ailing the fame whereas they were promifed , to be as s Gen.3,5. eGods knowing good&evil,fell by this nleanes into corruption and miferie,and fAtheists eph, became like diuils, f without God in the z, 124 world ; fubjed to the horrour ofhis, whrath,and eternall damnation. Whofe woefull eflate is to beconfidered,firfl in regardof flame; (wich flayed not in one actionbut fretted as acanker andover- flowed all:)fecondly ofpunifhments for finite, both of thefe are in foule& body, and