Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

Pfil.58,s, a Prov.r,i6 btPet.z,z4 CPrOV. 6. 17 t'Y 30,17. CI,8. eMat. 2 o I s fRom.;,I;. g Tam,;,6, s hLevit. =4 XI. i rhit.;,*.o. Roms. I., s6 =7,29. lev. O,Ia,i3,IS 1 Rev.g, 2e, 2I .pfaE.Io6, 37,33. S C HAP. IL ftruments , brought forthand cfre ed. Hereupon do th m;commitall iniqui- tic with greediness : ¿Zis z hands execute wickedries arid, crueltiie;., his a feet runne to evill , and make he to flied blood ; his 1 eyes are full ofadulterie,& cannot ceafe to finite, defiledwith c haughtines and mocking, with d murther and e ma- licioufnes; his throateFis an open fepul- chre,the venimofafpes is under his lips; his mouth, full ofcurfingandbitternes; his tongue,an g unruly evil,full ofdead- lypoyfon , a world ofwick.ednes, defi- ling the wholebody, and lettingon fire the wheele car courfe ofnature , being it felfe fet on fire of hell, wherewith he curfeth men& hblafphearnethGod. His carkelre he decketh and clhatheth with pride; his bellyhe pampered-1 and fillcth with exce le,for it is his iGod;he is pou- red out into, all lafcivioufnes, Neyther is there anykunçleaimes,fornication,unna- turall flthines or bealines, wherewith heabufetknot, his ownbody: no trcche- rie,theft,riur-thçr,witchcraft,w.orihip of idols,yeaeuen of 1diuils,whi*hhe corn- tnitteth not. And there things he doeth with