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CHAI'. II. 17 cut reinorfe or feeling. The 11: ill is al-,rs fo alienated from God, and fionihs icorrtetió cot,rifel,oikhearingth,. fame. iPrett.i,25, All the other affections in like manner ;° corrupted , by cruell 1 hatred cne ofan k Ira. z8, I" other , cumofovine m brfthrer:;of that in Fro.19,1 which is n geod,yea even of o God him- n Miih. ,, z fclfe : the loue and delight being fet on ° 2"Cb1e.191 P vanit'.e &w:ckednes. Finally the foule ppra,. a,Z. of finful; man is fraught with q all un- ci Rorn.I,wry rightcoufn_es, wickedr:cs, i :alicioufiies, &'. wrath, envi`, dcbate, covetoufnes,inor- dii,ate lulls, arnbit,cn, pride , unn1erci_ fumes, and deepe hypocrifie,withall o- ther vices: being, r tn:pty Sc deflitut . of rMat.i1,44 cvciie good grace and virtue ; 'he hath neyther ffeare ofGod , nor reverence f PJal.8 T. ofman; yea, that there is t no God,be all take Is,z. =l'fal.IO, 4. his cogitations. 7. Thebody ( which is the v earthly v 2Cor.5,r. tabernacle and x rneath ofthe foule)and x .h31) dan. all the 1Debers of the farne, are fit infl u- ,, i$ ments to fulfill the cvill. thoughts of the rninde;and beygïuen over in like weile to the fervice ofvncleannes and iniquity: 9R°m 6'rß the evils which lull hath conceived in- wardlp,are by Satans helpeand these'in -- .B flat-