Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

3 8 d Ezak, 37. iz Iohn. 5 . cÉph. z. 3. f e P1.2.9. gReu. r. s. h s,zo. THE CONC LVS ION. E E r N G thenwe haue received fuck g race fromGod, (fo many as beleeue in the name ofhis forme Chrif,) as that we are d raifed up from the graues of fynne , wherein we all lay naturally the children e of wrath ; and are called with a holy calling , from the fervi. tude of Satan and finne, and all commu- nionwith the wickednes of this world, to ferne theLord in freedome offpirit, & newnes oflife;according to his word, c areconjoyned in a holy íbcietiewith, himfelfe, after a wonderfull and incom- prehenfible mannner , apprehended by fayth ; andone with another in the fel- lowfhip of the Gofpell ; being through his mercie made a f chofengeneration, a kingly priefthood, waíhed from all our fins g in the bloodof Chrift,& h reign- ing with him on earthby mortifying,8c fubduing our earthly. members ; and tee- ing we haue in this eftate , all thepromi- fes oflife, bleßîng, and falvation , the prefer cc