Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

OPENWICKED, HI'POCRITES,. SAINCTS, Thefe are nei- 'Theft are called, ther chofen ofbat not chofen God , nor cal- are intheChurch led ; being nei- for a while , but, ther of the -not Ofit Mat. 22. church, nor in 14.1 loh. 2, t 9. the fare.Pfa. i r 5. Rev. z2., 15. rCor.S, tz. In thefe,finne dayly increafeth inwardly and outwardly , till righteouf ieis in them be utterly extin . Pfa. 3 6, Thefe are called Sc chofen ofGod; are both inandof the church , and fo, cQntinew. Epheí. r, Ioh. 17, 9. 7n thefe rih-` teoufne.c increaf- eth outWólrdly , but fanne limeth,anda- bound?th, , .1 t.. &c. ler. 3.¢ Iii thefe fnne dyeth, and righ- teoufiles reviveth dayly , both in- wardly and out- wardly. Rom. 6, z34a &c. _ 1,1,3,4. T. To thefe , the To thef God To there, the Law if it be fentgivet-h the ¡ionic law is not ginen cometh in ta- rabies , and they or it lyeth not (áu. bles of f#one, receiase them; but.xF41 ) oli them"; (for inch is the 111o_ra face fi i Tim. 1,'9.': for nature of theirfirint, th,thatitfey thev haue the ;of- harts; ) but they cannot loolZtrpcn rel,thcLaw ;and receii3e ir not ; him, tinkle he the rîliniflerie of tilt tables are veile hid ccuntc- the Cpirit, &Gods bro- ;lance - word