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OF THE THREE SORTS OF men , alldiveßyofCted in things concerning God. Men are eyther OPEN`VICKED, licentious and profane livers ; profeired eni- Inies of the law oftheLord..Iob 21)14,15. Thefe are born but after the fleíh , therefore favour they on- ly the things of the flefh,and re- main as they are by natore,Chil.. dren of wrath. ,1011. 3,6. I Cor. 2i 14. Eph.2, 3 . HYPOCRITES, outwardly reliçi- ous , but in1,1Ward- y wicked,hatiag gods law, (')" the tree ryhteou(nes *f°ß.z9,13..Mic. 3, 11. 1heffeeme to be renewed , and born againof the Spirit, they are inlightned, .and boaft ofheaueny race: yet Corti- new they ill 'i' their oldnaturall corruption ,, 1017 1vafhed fi6 their filthines.Heb. 6 4.Ifa 6S,s.loh.,8 4t.42.Pr.30,72. SAINCTS, that rightly beleeue obey Gods word, with their utmoii power;the friends of the Lord. Pfal., I19,3, 5, IOC Il,, &c. Thefe ar borne anew , not of blood, nor of the wil of the flefh,or ofman, but of God: therefore they favour the things of God, . minde heavenly things,being chu! dréofWIsDoME. lohn 1, 13.and 3, 3. Luke 7,35. -cf