Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

C.HAP.IL II warrc one with another, and his co.ncu- pifcences q fight within him rat kerous envie r fretteth and confumeth him; car- kingcovetou'hes fpiercerh him through withmany forowes;his owne inordinate lulls. doe vexe t and make him lick and leane;generallyhis whole life he leadeth invanitìe y and vexation of fpirit, all his dayesare forowes, andhis travaile grief; his heart takethpot reft in the night; for he is like xthe raging fea that cannot tea, whole waters caft up mire 4 dirte; there is no. peace unto him. Awine he iS area troubled in mind for his mifdeeds,guil- tie feares do torment his confcience , & he is y condemned of his owne hearte ; x difl.airingofall help*&- mercy at Gods hand : whereupon men dreadeoft times a where no dreade is, and the b foundof a leaffilaked Both chafe them away, they flee as from a ¡Word fall,no man pur- fuing them; a c foun e of fare is in their cares,that in their profserity tl . deftroy- er tball comeupon- theni,neiiher beleeue they to 'returneout ofciarkenes. So that in this rnhrrie,loath'ng longer life;force lay violent hands don theirown 'bodies, J B 5 and q rp,a, ix;I* f ITim.6, If tZSam.13, 2,4- y Eccl.z, I7 23. x 11-4.57,2. 21. y I Ioh.3, 211 .zG'en.4, I;. a pfal.S3,5- j te`U.26,36 deut.28,65, 66. c tob.I5.24 22. cl 2S011. Iy, 43 aa. ira& y