Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

eEccl.3,i8. Job z4, 5,71 9214,15,zz 22. fDan. 28. 21, 22135. lÿt Dari.4,i3 g9,3o,3z. h Aet, zZ, z3. z CHAP. II. and murther themfelues. And man to mandoeth all manner mifchief and out- rage, that they are as e beafls unto them- felues by reproaching,blafpheming,rob- bing, defyling, captiving &murthering oneanother , both fecrerly and openly, not fparing their owne brethren , wines, childrenor dearth freinds in their Ctvage wrath, hatred and crueltie. The Lord moreover afli&eth their bodies with f many grievous &noyfome ficknef±'es ; their bowels are inwardly tormented with paines, their joynts Sc limmes with aches; filthy leprofies,fores andbotches doevexeanddeforme them; burning & pefiilent fevers doe afflia andconfume them:neyther is thereanyparte or mem- ber from the crowne ofthe head to the tole of the foote,which is not fmittenSc wounded; euen the minde & vnderftan- dingwith phrenfie & g madnes; and the bodies fometime devoured with lice h vermin, whiles they are yet aline:. z o. The creatures all , are executio- ners ofGods juf judgementsupunwic- ked men. Theheauens Coinetiine.with hold their dewes and rayne,and become like