Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. IL 23 Tike i braffe: fometirne they fende down iLrv.z6,Ig itormie tempefts , k with haylftones and kt' aI.r8 tz fire , andother eviil influences , to de- ex d. 9 {troy the earth, the inhabitants & fruits Z4 thereof. The l Sun fïniteth themby day, 1pfa(, IZI,6 the moone by night ; the In ftarresfrom their bulwarks fight againft them. The mIHdg5'2o earth either n yieldeth not her fruit, but n Gen.4,12, is likeyron; or bringeth forth thorncs 6. 3,18. and thiftles and venernous weedes : yea fometimes 0 openeth her mouth , and o Num. 16, fwallowethmen up aline. Honger and ;x. famine doe afilid them, that for, *ante of footle they are enforced to cate the flefh oftheir P owne children. The wild beafts q prcye upon and devoure them ; P Dnit. s8, euen the {-malleft andvileft creatures , as S 3: 57. r frogges, flies,lice and the like ; are mi- q 2Kinns 17 'lifters ofwrath and vengeance upon the 25' Exod. só, diíobedient. The fire breakethout and 17,,4 burneth them with their fubflance; the water overfloweth and eirowneth them. The fAngels of the Lord, doe purfiie, '61)-1.41,5". fcatter and deftroy them. And the Di- ng. S vils unto whom wretchedmen yield no- 35. mage and obedience,doc tyrannizeover t 8 their tgoods, their bodies & their foules; ' B 4 tearing