Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

.C.HAP..IL z5 God caíccth upon him (his plagues) and. fpareth not, though he would faine flee out ofhis. hand; as ha whirlewind yt paß- feth, fo is thewickedno more. For i his fpirit departeth,he returneth to his earth, then his thoughts ,perish , his k forme bewty confumeth; and as he himfelfe,fo thisName alfo 3thal rorte. His foule being n1 fetcht away from the body (wherein it lived and joyed but n a litle while in the mornentany plcafures of fin,) is brought to theoprifon of hell;where all damned ghoíles fearfully exCpec their fïnall doome, at the greate day of God ; when the foules beingagaine joyned wth their carkeíres,which the Lord pwill rail out of the dull ; thePeas and death and hell q having deiiuered up the dead which were in them, theyMall be judged euery man according to their workes r one in the body.Thefbookes íhall beopened, and all things brought to light that were r hidde in darknes , the counfels of the hearts made manifdli the vheauens fhali declare mans wickednes , and the earth gall rife up againft hire ; accounte i ;all be giuenof * everie cvill workeand. idle B 5 worde, hpYO.IO,2s. i pja1.146,4 pla49,i4 1 prov. I 0,7 ni Lsr12.i2,ro fi Iob 20,5. o Ipet.;, a9, 15 A a.. 24, Y g clRev r zCoY, 5,10 fRev.2o,a t ICor. 4, s. y Iob ao. a? x Itisdev.I5 »Mt. 412)36.