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y Rom. 2,S. Matth.13, 39--42. Er 35, 31, 32, 41, 46. a 2Thef.1, 1311.4.49,14 c Job. 2o,26. mat. 8,r 2. eRev, 20. 24 fi1'a.66,s4 marke 9, 43 y 26 CH AP. III, worde , &Godwill render to thefe irtt. ners ' indignation and wrath 9 they fhall be z call into the fierie lake prepared for the Divil and his Angels,and with them be tormented in rhofe eternall flames being for ever feparated from the a pre- fence of the Lord , and from the glorie ofhispower, from his comfort life and light: and Death thallbfeedevpon them, the fyre cthat is not blowne {hall devour them. Then {hulbe d weeping and way- ling and gnafhing of teeth, with too late repentance, and fruitleife lamentation, in that e feconddeath, and vtter darkenes where the f worme fhall not die, nor the Eyre bequenched for evermore. This is the portion of the wicked fromGod; and the rewardsof their finnes from the handof the Molt High. Thewicked ü kept 'trnto the¿ay of derirttaion;tba . had be broHght forth to the day ofwath.Iob 21.30. CHAPTER I I I. OfensRedemption,& the renewing-of& peacelby thegraceofGod in defisa ehr><. G Cd,thoughhe fparednot theAnels which finned of their ownaccord, :