Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP.III. 39 nation, they funge at our Sauiours birth, mGlory to God in the highest (heauens)and mLske 2,13 vpon earth peaee,towards me goodwill. And 14. when he was glorified , the thoufand thoufands of them prayfèd him Paying , , WorThy is the Lamb that was killed,to n Rev.f,ir, receiue power,and riches,and wildome, and flrength,and honour, and glory and praife. The heauens o rejoyced for that Ifg,44)23 the Lord had done ,`the lower partes of the earth fhouted , the mountaines , for- refts,and every tree buril forth into pray- fes,for that the Lord had redeemed Iaa- kob , and would be glorified in Ifrael , and p all creatures in heauen (Sc. in earth, p Rev. g,3. under the earth, and in the fea , sand all that are in them , gane praife and honour and glorie and power, unto him that fit- teth upon the throne, & unto the Lamb for evermore, Amen. 14. This grace was the qwi dome of q xCor. z,7. God ma myfterie , the hidden wifdome which God had foredetertiincd before theworld, unto our ()lorie ; but r it was hidde from the eyes ofall the living, & r 4d(/28' za hidde from the fouls of the heauen ; none i of the Princes of this world f lCor' z, 8' 9 C 4 knewc