Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

ttoó 28,24. y E phe. 3.9. xivsat 1I,25 y=CoY.2,14 zICoy. z,Io a tierfeI z. b Ephef.r,9 c Ira 6z,II. ä Ephef.;,9. evcr.z8,i9. f 114 51a3, 40 CHAP. II T. knew it,no eye had fees it,nor earheard it,neyther came it into mans heart; onely t Godunderftood theway thereof , and vfrom the beginningof the world it was kept fecret and hid in him , and frill x he hideth it from the wife & menofunder- ¡landing, neyther can y thenaturall per- ceiue it untili he revele it unto them by his z fpirit , which fpirit fearcheth all things , euen the deepe things of God , and by it we.a knowe the things that are giuen to us ofGod. t f. And now b he hath opened unto us themyfterie ofhis will , according to his goodpleafurewhichhehad purpofed in Chrift;he c bath. proclaymed unto the ends of theworld,that theSaviourofthe daughter Sion is come , his wages with him, and his workbefore him ; that we might c .eerly fee the d fellowthip of the myílery, Sc might be able to e compre- hend with all Sainds,what is the bredth and lengthand depthandheight, and to know the loue of Chrift which paffeth knowledge, and might be filled with all fumes ofGod; who hath giaenus fbew- ty for allies , the oyle of joy for mour- ning,