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CHAP. II To 4 in the fervice of theLord. The great af- flit -lions of Chrift &of his people,were foretold in the Serpents crghiog ofhis heele, and the enmitie betweene theWoanans fëede and that Serpents ; ford-hewed allo in the e inurther of Abel the juft byCain e Gen. 4,8 his wickedbrother. To Chrift gave fall f Ae1,ro,4 the Prophets witnes , that through his & name all that beleeved in him, fhould re- ceiuererni[lion of finnes: & the g twelue gAa.Z6,Iò tribes inttantly ferving God , night awd daye, hoped to come unto this promife. So ?.n this hope and exfpe&ation of re- dempt on, by the fonne of God,the Fa- thers refted, & comforted their fanting foules by fayh, the h evidence of things h Hebr:il,t; not feene : bywhich faith i they faw the i ver'e v promifec afarre off, were perfwaded , faluted them , and confeff:.d that they were ftranges & pilgro;z,s upon earth , and fo died,having k through their faith bvtr, 39, 4o obteyned teflimonie , but received not the promife; God providing a bktter thing for us,tht they without us,íhould not be made perfeá; but in patient hope _ paffe out their daycs on earth ; & after depth 1 waive all the dayes of their ap- l lob z., 14 pointed