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4Z CHAP. III. . I Thef. 4, .. r-ayfed up incorruptible,and fuch as vliue ¡7. & remayn being changed and caught up with themalto in the clowds, to meete theLord in the ayre,and fo fhall they e- :Mat.r3,43 ver be with the Lord, their x faces fhy- ning as the Suds , in the kingdome of their Father. 16. Although this myfierie ofChrifi y Epñ.3)4,5 Ywas not openedunto theTonnes of men In other ages, as it was at lafi reveled un- to his holyApofiles and Prophets by the fpirit: yet was the effect & fumme there- of, made kriowne toall the Patriarchs from tha beginning. For Iefus Chriíi was yeflerday, is to day , & the fame for e- a Ioh.s, 6, ver, &Abraham a faw his .day and was bneb. X54, gladAbel alto by faith in him bobteyned tefiimonie that he was righteous which faithhe learnedofhis father Adani;who heardof God the riches of this grace freely preached in paradife, before the e Gen. fentenceofexile & death was pronoun- 3' I 3 ced upon him; namely that c the womans feedfhov4ld croft) the Serpents head; who àlfo. was [hewed the way, to be by death and iâcrifice, a fhadowwhereof he fame d chap. 4,4. in the Lambs d then flayne and fàcrificed in tht