Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. xir. 45 ordeyned; let mercy be fhewed thern,yet a z6, is will they not learne righteoufnes , the land of equities they will doe wic- kedly , andwill not behold the rnajeftie of the Lord. z S. And ofthefe there are two forts; force that are called to the knowledgof the trtteth, & haue y received it with joy; y Luke 8,z; yet having no routes , beleeue but for a while,& in time of rentati6goaway.Yea of thefe there are,that haue beetle z once z Hebr. 6,4, lightned,and haue tailed of theheauenly 5, 6, gift,: been made partakers of the Holy Chofl, & haue tailed of the good word ofGod, and of the powers of theworld to come: and yet notwithftanding fall a- way, and crucify again to themfelues the forme of God, & make a mock ofhim ; a cha.Yn,2g` and a tread him under foot, and counte the bloocl'of the Teflament as an unholy thing,wherewith they were fanified,& do d:fpite the fp.irit ofgrace. Such b it is b cba.ó 6 impofl,ble they íhould be renewed again '4' unto repentarce ; neyther c remayneth c ant 0,z5 any more facrihce for their firmes , but 27. , a feat full looking for ofjudgment, and violent fire 2 which lhall devour them. And