Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

dI Ioh.2,x? fzer.;2,40. : P.iQ37s24 e, 27 zs. h Eph.2,12. i44.14, 26 kPfal. 147) 19,20. I iohn m cb. 8, 47, 16 oRom.=o,z1 46 CHAP. III. And filch, howsoever they were among the Saints, yet were they not of them, for then d theywould haue continewed with them; neither were they of Chrifts fheepe, for then he would haue e giuen them eternall life, and they íhould never haue perifbed , neyther flhould any haue plucked themout of his hand;he would haue put his fear in their harts,that f they fhould not haue departed from him; though they had fallen g they fliould not haue beenecall off, for the Lordwould haue put under hs hand. 19. Otherfome there are , not called to the fayth,but h ftrangers from the co- venants ofpromife,whomGod i fitffer- eth to walke in their ownewayes, k not Mewing themhis word , nor his flames and judgements. Or if he catife his go- fpel to coneunto thé,yet will not !they come. unto him , that they mght haue life ; they heare not his words m becaufe they are not of God; neyther beleeue, n becaufe they arenot Chriíls fheepe ; all the daye long o he flretcheth forth his hand to an unperfwadeable and gainfay- ing people. Yea beleeue they cannot, becaufe