Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

CHAP. III. 47 becaufe p he bath blynded their eyes, Sc p Ioh.iz39, hardned their heart,that they should not 40. fee with eycs,nor underifand with heart, andbe converted, and he to heale them: the Lord 9 bath covered them with the q Ifa 29,I6á fpirit offlurnber. . rom.11, 8. zo. And thefe are for the molt parte the r wife & learned ofthe world , from,2ì whom God hideth the fecret of his Go- fpel, and worketh a marvellous work in this people , euen a marvellous work& 29,14 a wonder(as fayth the.Prophet)that the wifedome of the wife men perish, t for t I eor.3,2o the Lord knoweth , that their thoughts be vayn. Therefore he v maketh their r ICer.i;T9 wifedome to perifh,and cafleth away the underflandmgof the prudent ; he pow- reth x contempt upon princes , and cau- xPf.zo7,4O feth them toerre indefers places , out of theway,and maketh y the ftrength of they Iob iz, it rnightie weake:he`z fcattereth theproud z Luke a,sr in the imagination oftheir hearts , and sz. putteth downe the mightie from the thrones : the a wifedome of this world a 1 Cor.ì,2d rnaketh he fooliíhnes; and by the b foo li1hnes ofpreaching faveth them that be- b verfe zTá leeue;which allô are the c fooliíhweake c ver.z7,z&' vile