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C HAP. III. 43 -themofChrjff tobe the formes ofGod, which are borne, not of blood, nor of the will ofthe flesh, nor of the will of man, but ofGod. 2.3. Between there two forts ofmen is great difference; both in the affèaions ofGod, who P loveth the one, & hateth P Rom.9,13 the other: and of Ch ift, cwho prayethPiÇ f.'$° for one and not for another:and in their ctohn.t7,9. affeí`lions againe towards God, andone towards another. For the,Saindscloue the Lord, and hauemutuall loue among r i, 41,e 9, themfelues ; but the wickeds f foule ab- 2,1. horreth him ; and they hate t fuch as he f"" r Z,8 bath chofenout of the world ; and are 19 v °13'15,1$ hated againe. of v them with perfeft ha- 1fal. r;g, tred. Thus is there warre and enmitie sr,zz. X betwixt the juifand the,wicked , the G,n ;,iß. oneof them being y ais abhomination to theother, y Pro.z9,zi 24. Hence is it , that the fcripture fpeaketh fo muchofthe fellowfhip, and .communionof the Saints,withGod Sc among themfelues; and, of their fepara- taon from the Divil, and from his chil- dren the wicked men, euen in this life, .whiles yet they hue together with them la in civili