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f0 CHAP.IIL in civili focietie , and breathone corn., mune aier : exfpeBeing with patience the full and finali tepararion , whichChriíl .c and his Angels z will make at the laft & c ®'4=' great daye ofdoome. Of this holy communion here on earth, I purpofe to intreat, as God hath giuen me to difcerne by his word. His gracious fpirit breath uponmy foule, & guyde my pen to lit downehis truth. Y 106 6a a. CHAPTER MI. I. Who be the Saincis of this Communion. T Hat we may the better difcerne the Communion of Sain&s, whereof we treate; let us firft confider who the perlons be that haue fellowfhip togi. ther. The Headand higheft in this holy focietie is the Lordour God; who is not onely Moft holy in himfelfe , but corn- municateth his holynes with us hiscrea- tures: doth vouchfafe to haue fellow- with us euen in this lifeandworld, z, as it is written, a IfWe f y that. We has communion withhirr', andWale indark no, 1