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CIAPT /ER VI. How hoyncs is giuen onto godand Chril, andhow unto creator es. HOLYNE s is afcribed unto God in the wotd,both by a.Angels and men , in two refpcLs ; i Becaufc he in a ia.6,;° p( 9 3,5,9 °.himfelfeis fanditie and puiitie it felfc ; Rcv.4,8. it is unpcflible that in him fhould be anyevil', Anneor uncleannes. He b is b r blot 1, g light,& darknes in him there is not any; he c delighteihnot wickednes , neyther c Pf414,4. flail evil' foiourne wiih him , hecannot fo muckas be dtenipted with evill;there- d ¡4m. r, r;. fore is he. fcqueftred from this finfull world, and heauen is the e habitation of e Ifa. 63,*; -his holynes. z.. Again,becaufe he is the onelyauthor and effe&cr of all holines f Lev. 20,8, and fandinmouie in whomfoever i fan- john 17 17. difving us his people,& giving his Sab- bath for a'g íigne hereof; Sc h advancing h Dent. z6, us hereby ab.oue all nations which he 18,19. bathwade; this being one ofhis princi- ;,ch28, 2,9 pall i bleílings. He givethholines to all. i Piai.7, 6 . 1 Exod. 3, s things aboutehim, to the k heauens,and pf41,48, I. to earthly places,where he vouchethfafe neh, zz, rzs I to api.;eaieor remayne.... So.that m none 7'-'1' 2" D S is holy m zsl3m.2,2 57