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Pfui. 145, 21. 1 'Luke 1,35. gf(a53,9. john 8,46. IPet. 2, 22. # He6.7, z6 r Epne.s, 26 (John 17,19 Ltske 4,34 01.4,27. tDitn.9, 24. 6,49. withfohri IA 58 CHAP. VI. is holy as Iehovah ; he is a n holy God fanclified in juflice,& o let all flefhble& the native ofhis holynes for ever and ay. 2. Ictu s Chriffhash holines in his di- vine nature , equall with the Father,and Holy Ghofl: and in his manhood he was holy by p birth ; in life alto and conver- fation he (hewed all manner holynefre q without finne or ípotte. For fuch an high pried it t became us tohaue , as is holy, harmelefTe, undefiled, and fepara- ted from (inners. And he giveth r holy- nes and puritie to his church, for whole fake he f fan&ificd himfelf ; and is there- fore worthily >inti.tuled *The Holy one of God, eucn the tHoly ofholies; unto whom the Seraphim doe fing, as he fit- tech on the high throneofhis gl©rie, within his temple , o Hoy holy holy (is) theLord o fboils. 3. The Angels are fpirits holy by na- ture, fo created ofGod at the fiat , and havingkept their originall,are fiablifhed by Gods eleáion throughChrifl their x head , in their holy& happie eflate for ever, and therefore carie the title of An- gels 7elea and z holy. Yet euen there heauenly