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a CHAP. V I. fication Sz redemption; Alfo to the Holy gtor.G i r. Ghoft, as it is written , P ye are wafhed , ye are fan&ified , ye are juflified in the name of the Lord Iefus, and by thef#irit ofour god. 6. Our fandifxcation in Chriii is two waies; Firft by imputationof that which hirnfelfe wrought for us , when by the jlleb.xo,Io will ofCod we were ci fan l-ified by the offringof his body once ; & thus are we flier. a, 5. f wafhed from our finnes in his blood,& God reconciled us to himfelf,in thebo- dy ofhis flefh through death,to make us t coloJ. x,zo t Holy and unblameable , and without 2 fault in his fight. Secondly , it is by his Mat.3,i r. own gracious work in us , V baptifing us with the holy fpirit into his x death, bu- x Ztom.G, 3' riall and retiarrec`,tion ;that our y old man ywrïe 6 being crucifiedwith him , the bodie of finne might be deítreyed , uz henceforth z verfe'9. we fhould not ferue fanne,but z glue our members fervants unto ribl:teoufnes in 2 vcrre 22. holynes : and fo a being freed from finne, andmade fervants unto God, may haue our fruit inholyne5, and the end everlafi- ing life. Bothwhich_waies ofour fan&i- hcation, were fliadowedout unto Ifrael by