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CHAP. VI. 59 heauenly fpirits , being compared with Godhímfelfe, the botto.mlef e .fountain ofholynes; are as a impure in his fight acb IS, IS. and b hide their faces : though through b 0. 6, z. the grace ofGod,by which they arecon' rial. i 8, ® firmed,they alwaies do °behold his face. 4. Holynes in men , by nature there is not any, for they are d f Pi nners and un- fa d. 5 /S cleane from the wombe ; e children of e Epb. z, 3. wrath, and rather to be reputed f beaft-s LI46 II,I2. then men: having loft the holines where 4, IZ . in God at firft created them ; as g before ;Y1,/7.$ is fhewed. But holynes is reftored again g Ch. z,rec . c. to menby the Lord ; as it is written, h I hi ro &'. Ilse Lord f nct?feyou : and againe , i Now i z Trap S, the god ofpeace f nefifie you throughout : 23. wherefore he calleth hinifelf,k theLord k 1f4.43,15 our Holy one. s. This our fanHification, is afcribed unto the Father; according to the prayer ®f C: hrift,1 SanEtifie thern-,With thy tr et n:. l lob.19, and in the Epitleof m Iude,to:thowthat. tuile v, are called and f n ified .c f God thefather. It is afcribed to the Sonne, n who loved n Ejhej î, the church, and gaue himfelfeifor it,that., 25 )26. he might[a nc`tifie it, and ofGod is made unto us wifdoLneand jufticeand '° f nci- o ICor. r,3 ficution