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CHAP. VIL 65 able to make man e wife unto falvation ; e tirn.t r 5 and he that is of God, fheareth that his ftohn 8,47. word , and if any man loue him he will 4nd r4, 23 keepe the fame, and the Lord will loue him againe & dwell with him : but they that refufeand put it away, do gjudge g Ael.i;,4G themfelues unworthy ofeverlaíling life, and that Word (hall h judge them in the hIoh.rzAS laft day; and for defpifing of it, i they ; pro.r I !hall be dei1royed. 3a 3 4. Yet is not the outward miniíler;c of theword fufficient, unleflè we be al- fo taught of k Godhimfelfe; who there- fore voucheth fafe to give us a third i` iohn 6 4 help , euen his owne l good fpirit to in- 1 Neh.g áo. ftrudus, without which no man m can fay , that Iefus is the Lord. By this his 3 I eór* 12, fpirit God n revealeth unto us the deepe n r Cor. z, myfteries ofhis Gofpel, this Anoynting Io,r2. U teacheth us all things; and that worthy O L I oh.2,27 thing which is committed to us,wekeep P through the Holy Ghoíl, that dwel- i4 Tim' z lethin us. Ofwhom, and our comma- Monwithhim, more is to be fpoken in dueplace. 5. TheWord ofGod,(w hereofhere weintteat, ) was giuen to Adam even in E his