Ainsworth - Houston-Packer Collection BT972 .A46 1628

46 CHAP. VII. q Gen. z,i 6. his q upright fiate ; to be a law for hitn to leade his life in paradife. It was again r Gen. ;,i5, revealed unto him r after his fall ; to re- t6,y flore him grace and life, which he had loft. And not for himfelfalone received he this light;hut for aphis children,rhat were fallen with him into darknes and the fhadowofdeath : wherefore he im- fGen. 4. parted it to thern,as by the fàcrifices of Cain and Abel, doethappeare.Yea God t verfc6,7. himfelfe t fpaké: untoCain , (though he was wicked and without faith) and gauc him warning of his evill way. Likewife v Gen.9,t,8 in the newworld,the v covenant ofGod 9,11. &c. was by his Word renewed with all Noahs houfhold , wherein were Cham x mit. r;,;, and Canaan , the veffels ofdeflruction. Chrifl alto, the x Lower of that precious feed,let fore fall on the high way, Lome on flony ground , and force among thornes ; fromwhich places no fruit did sarke i6, And his disciples were lent, y to preach the golpell to everycreature, to ' all nations under heauen. By whichap- peareth the bountieofGod, that offreth the Word oflifeunto all,euen as he cau- feth his Sun to chine uponOft & unjut J